Contemporary country kitchen

Contemporary kitchen, North Leeds

The making of a family kitchen

This room started off as a little galley kitchen when the house was built in the 1930s. And it stayed as such until 10 years ago, when the previous owner knocked through the kitchen and dining room and inserted kitchen units on 4 sides of the new room. Then, a year later, we moved in. And hated it. But The Tall One thought that the kitchen was too new for us to remove it, so it stayed. To say it didn’t work was an understatement. To do any job (making a cup of coffee, making dinner, washing up, emptying the dishwasher) meant multiple trips back and forth, skirting the edge of the dining table as you went. When The Small One arrived, this wasn’t just annoying, it was dangerous. Time to change.

Sometimes the best solution is staring you in the face. Galley kitchens are easy to work in, and so we returned the heart of the kitchen to it’s original layout. Now to empty the dishwasher you stand in one spot and pivot to put everything away. To make a cup of coffee, it’s equally effortless. Dinner is straightforward – everything is at our finger tips. But the world moves on too, and it was important that the kitchen wasn’t shut away, so the room was extended, just a bit, to allow a seating area as well as space to flow around the dining – now The Small One and The Littlest One are always in view when we’re at work in the kitchen. And when friends come, it’s great to be able to chat and cook. And of course it opens up to the garden, meaning we can wander in and out as the weather permits. Oh, and it looks a bit good too.