A family home in Harrogate

This was a wonderful project to work on. A welcoming family home, which needed bringing up to date. The dark entrance hall was transformed into a bright, sunny contemporary space with contemporary touches like the over-size wall lights and stunning bespoke armchair. The guest room latterly known as ‘the cold room’, changed into a warm, welcoming space – a gorgeous textured wallpaper, with the subtlest touch of glitter was used with rich fabrics and upholstered furniture to create a cocooning feel.

In the sitting room we added an imposed Black Edition wallpaper, and heavily textured curtains to become a grown up, luxurious space – a deep aubergine armchair and chrome & mirror tables complete the look, along with bespoke ‘feather’ table lamps and an ottoman in the softest, taupe leather. The real beauty of this home though is the new media system, meaning everything can be controlled with the touch of a button.