Jul 14, 2015

Before and after – contemporary country sitting room

We LOVED this project – a really lovely, warm happy family who wanted to update their slightly worn-out sitting room. They had two young boys, so the room needed storage (we also worked on the playroom, see here), and to be practical. Although the house was a new-ish build it was in a semi-rural setting, so contemporary-country was an appropriate style for this room.

Here’s some photos of the finished scheme:

To give the room more character (and lots of storage) we built a chimney, and installed a gas ‘stove’, then put built-in cabinets and shelves either side of the fireplace.

We added an oak mantle, for extra character, and used bricks inside the chimney breast to add some depth.

On the windows we used a wool mix fabric – a heavy fabric, but it gives the room lots of texture – for Roman blinds.

We replaced two armchairs with a two-seater sofa, to make better use of the space. On one of her TV shows Kelly Hoppen once had a discussion with a Client about how to position the sofas; what looked best in the room, or how they could watch TV easily. In the modern world most people have a sitting room which needs to be multi-purpose, for watching TV, and receiving guests. Perhaps, ideally, we would have positioned the second sofa under the window, to make the layout a little better, and the flow from door-to-door smoother, but then watching TV would have not been as easy, and really that’s what this rooms primary function is – to relax and enjoy family life.

Happy Tuesday!


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