Apr 24, 2014

Out and about

It has been a busy month both with SGH and our home life, so apologies once again for erratic blogging! Rather than do a whole house tour post, we thought we’d upload some of our ‘out and about’ pics from the last few weeks… in the next few weeks we will be photographing some of the completed projects from over the last 6 months, so bear with us, the wait will be worth it!

End of the pink tulips

Above and below, Mother’s Day flowers – we are truly lucky to receive these each year, and think of all the people out there who find it a sad and difficult time. We think of it as a day to count our blessings and seem to eek out their stay in our home each year (hence the tulips been somewhat ‘blown’).

Mothers Day Roses (and the SGH kitchen)

In the background, behind the flowers you can see…. Dadadar! The new SGH kitchen. Due to the presence of The Small One, The Littlest One and The Tall One (OK, not The Tall One) the room is rarely, if ever, in a fit state for a photography shoot. If they go away for a week or two, we’ll take some proper pics! Here’s the smallest sneak peak.

SGH kitchen, in The Little Greene Paint Co. Slaked Lime

And below, the SGH Nursery… just waiting on some cushions before the shoot takes place (by which time The Littlest One will be at Uni).

Swoon Editions chair in the SGH Nursery


Cabbages & Roses Hatley in Natural & Raspberry in the SGH Nursery

As some of you know, our neighbourhood is part of the Weetwood/Far Headingley conservation area and at this time of year it’s a beautiful place to live.

Magnolia tree Daffodils in the Hollies

And a bullet-fast visit to Bristol for work / pleasure. My Aunt’s beautiful garden in Redlands.

Spring tulips, Redlands Bristol

And closer to home, finally our Tree Peony flowers (after a 4 year hiatus) – eerily it has chosen the year that the rest of the garden is a bomb-site to flower. Perhaps it has been lured open by the smell of concrete.

Tree Peony

Happy Thursday!


















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