Oct 25, 2013

SGH – the building begins

Those of you who follow us on our FB page will know about the ups and downs of the SGH extension. It’s only small. We live in a small home, and have a small plot, so a small extension was all that we hoped for (although judging by the flotsam and jetsam created by The Small One, The Littlest One and, of course SGH, you’d think we’d need a whole tower block to ourselves). This small extension has been 10, yes TEN, months in the making (plus 7 years if you count all the time we’ve been planning and dreaming it). So now that the builders are here you can only imagine our excitement.

This is a photo of the house last September. It’s just a 3 bed 30’s semi, albeit a particularly ugly one.

The house last September
























And the garden, earlier this year.

The SGH garden, prior to work commencing













And here is that same garden, last week.

The Garden, week 1 of the build






















The Garden, week 1 of the build






















And a view of the back of the house.

The back of the house, week 1 of the build






















Even though it’s small, it won’t be finished until at least February, but as it progresses we’ll keep you updated. Right now we’re planning the colours – torn between greys and blues… I feel a lot of sampling is coming our way!

Happy Friday!








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  • KYM
    Oct 25, 2013

    Hope it’s all you’ve dreamed it will be x

  • Kay Holdsworth
    Nov 3, 2013

    At least it will be ready for spring and you can enjoy the summer sun once it comes back next year.

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