Oct 24, 2013

Before and not quite after…

Yesterday we paid a visit to one of our projects, now very close to being finished, but just not quite! Here’s a couple of before and nearly-after shots to whet your appetite! We can’t wait for this room to be completed, it’s going to be lovely!

The sitting room fireplace before…

The sitting room fireplace, before






















And after…

The fireplace, nearly after






















Our Clients have worked really hard on this project, dismantling the old room andĀ building up the new chimney breast for example. There are many ways we work with Clients, and this is just one of them – designing the scheme, sourcing the items and consulting on the project as it develops.

The windows before…

The windows before













And half way through – window treatments are yet to be complete, but you can see a huge difference already!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.13.23













Tomorrow we’ll share some photos from our own build – although it’ll be a few months before we have after pics!

Happy Thursday!




























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