Jul 16, 2012



La Laiterie, Phiolin, Nr Champagnolles, Western France

Returned from France on Saturday to discover the special fairy who cleans cookers had not, in fact, paid us a visit. Nor had she bothered to wash any of our holiday clothes. Or bob to the supermarket. So it is she that can blamed for the lateness of this post. It’s a good job we had such a wonderful holiday to off-set this disappointment.

Any one of our generation will remember, with abject fondness, the French textbook, Très Bien, most of which seemed to be centred around buying train tickets to La Rochelle and ordering Croque Monsieur. So it was with some eagerness that we boarded the flight from LBA to LR last Saturday to see what it really was going to be like. And it was lovely.

Echinacea in the garden














Our home for the week was about an hour in-land, a little Gite in a tiny village called Phiolin. The Small One was beside himself with excitement – the biggest garden with slides and swings and playhouses. Paddling pools, footballs and a mass of grounds for him to run around in. The sun shone (most of the time) and even in the rain it was, well, French rain, which made a joyful change from English rain.

Sunflowers Nr Phiolin













As we seem to have descended back into a whirlwind of business this whole week we shall be unashamedly French. Some photos today, and then more details about French interiors later in the week.

The Garden at La Laiterie, Phiolin

Hope you’ve all been having fun whilst we’ve been away!

Happy Monday!


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