Jun 16, 2012

James Brindley


Yesterday was a crazy day. We started off down the road taking some more photos of the family room we finished in the spring. Our Client decided to go ahead with a chair we’d recommended, something they’d initially been hesitant about. We’re so glad they did. We think it really makes the room – it’s all dove-tailed now! So we bobbed down to take some pics.

Amazingly we managed to get some beautiful sun shine between the storm clouds, so that made us very happy. Then we went up to Harrogate to meet the wonderful stylist Suzy Webster. Suzy has worked on all the major glossies (swoon) and for some of our biggest retailers. We were meeting to catch up, discuss some possible future projects and eat yummy treats (thank you for that Suzy!). After a very enjoyable hour or so we dashed off in different directions.

Our next port of call? James Brindley. This interiors emporium is packed full of gorgeous things, and there was plenty to make our heart flutter. The design team at JB have impeccable taste – often very traditional, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Love this large ottoman. And very nicely styled with the cushions, throws and hydrangea in a glass hurricane.

Large ottoman, cushions and throws (and ginger jar in background), from James Brindley

Beautiful silver pebble lamp base, and grey lilac shade.

Lanterns, table, ginger jar and lamp! Where to start!

Large Silver Lanterns, James Brindley

This huge circular mirror would make a wonderful statement in an entry or hallway, set above a modern or traditional console. The lamps either side are beautiful too, although you would need a small mortgage to buy both.

Huge circular mirror, from James Brindley

Lots of statement cushions. A modern glamourous take on design too, not something we’d usually associate with James Brindley.

A Guastavian style table, laid out for a sumptuous dinner party.

Dining table and layout, from James Brindley

This sofa chair was one of our favourite pieces. Was v. tempted for our own home, although have a Client who I think would love it too! And it’s in the sale…

Large Sofa Chair, in sale! From James Brindley

From Harrogate (via buying The Tall One a father’s day present on behalf of The Small One, shhh!) we got back to North Leeds, did a bit of work, then dashed out again to visit Mrs Seal and see her gorgeous new chair, and take a few quick photos to showcase on the site later.

Back at the ranch, finishing touches to the nursery, sorting out of shoot locations for a styling feature, and then a dinner party for 6. Phew. Glad it’s Saturday!

Happy Weekend!


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  • Janet Wilks
    Jun 17, 2012

    Wow!!! Just fabulous!!!

    • wp_sgh-admin
      Jun 17, 2012

      Isn’t it?! Glad you like it too Janet! SGHx

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