Jun 12, 2012



We went to visit the lovely Claire T (of Party Mum Soft Play hire) on Friday. This coincided with The Tall One taking the door keys on a mini-break to Derby, been locked out of the house, and a two and a half hour round journey to York to pick up the spares from dispairing parents. I read a quote ┬áthe other day, which said something along the lines of, ‘I really thought by this age I’d have my shit together’; I nodded knowingly. Keys are now copied and placed in the various homes of our lovely neighbours. Hopefully the next time this happens (and there will be a next time) one of them will be home to hand over emergency key.

Back to the task in hand. So we went to visit Lovely CT in order to take a look at her nursery. Nurseries, as we’ve said before, are an emotional topic (Sophie B-W look away now). While you are pregnant you pour your heart and soul into every detail. And then, once baby is born, realise that you really didn’t need the shelves on that wall/the nappy bin/ the got-to-die-for Pooh Bear mobile (which The Small One ignored, stubbornly, whenever it was switched on).

So we thought we’d have a look at the nurseries of our friends. How do normal people, in normal homes (i.e. not show homes or posed for glossy magazine spreads) create their nurseries?

This post covers the first two – more will follow as time allows! As will some advice and guidance in creating your ideal nursery.

This first nursery belongs to the most gorgeous Molly S-C. It’s in a stone built semi-d, in a lovely part of Yorkshire. Molly’s Mum has been futured on our blog before. She’s got real taste and style (as has her Dad of course!); and we love going to her home to see what’s new.

What we love about Molly’s nursery is that although it’s compact, it’s got everything. Space for clothes, a changing table, an armchair and of course the cot! It shows that you don’t need masses of space for a baby, and often it’s best to have everything just at hand (there’s frequently a moment when baby is on the changing table and you realise the wipes are under the cot, just out of reach…). It’s neutral, warm and lovely. Plus it’s got an owl theme!

Warm neutral nursery, with Owl feature wall (Molly's room)

Small Nursery, with everything you need!

Warm, neutral nursery with white cot

Warm, neutral nursery with lantern and owl detail

The second nursery belongs to lovely, funny little Louis. Again, his Mum has great taste. Wisely she has chosen a neutral backdrop, with lots of brights for interest. What we love about this nursery is all the little details – from the little house on the door handle, the gingerbread man curtain tie-backs, to the aeroplane above the changing table (what a great thing for Louis to look at while having his nappy changed!)

Neutral nursery with bright accents

Neutral nursery with bright accents and lovely detailing

Neutral nursery with bright accents and lovely detailing

Neutral nursery with everything a baby needs - including snuggly rocking chair

Neutral nursery with lovely details (ginger bread man curtain tie-back)

Do you have a lovely nursery that you’d like to feature on our blog? If so, send us a photo!

Happy Wednesday!


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