Jun 8, 2012

Blue, white and a touch of red

There is something undeniably sophisticated about blue and white. An easy way to achieve the style is to use a white/neutral background then strong splashes of blue, a little hit of red and perhaps some silver to bring it all to life.

We’ve had a play around with a scheme for blue and white, and erred on the traditional side, although as the images above show it can work well in a contemporary scheme too. We designed this scheme and then realised it’s jubilee significance afterwards – which just goes to show the power of sub-conscious advertising. It’s a grown-up sophisticated scheme, but dashes of bright colours can add a sense of fun.

 Blue & White Living Room Scheme

Clockwise from Top Left: Rug, by Graham & Green; Mirror by Graham & Green; Indigo Upholstery Fabric (seat of wing-back chair), by Scion; Peony Fabric (back of wing-back chair) by Lewis & Wood; Wing-back armchair, by Sofa Workshop; Silver occasional table by Occa Home; Sofa by Sofa Workshop; Lamp by OKA Direct; Ming Vase Painting by Michael Hampton; Wallpaper by Scion.

The painting of a Ming Vase is by Michael Hampton  who incidentally has also done a lovely painting of the Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard, which seems co-incidental considering he lives in Santa Fe.

Do you like blue and white? Would you be happy in a room like this?

Happy Friday!


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