Jul 10, 2013

How to make a gorgeous girls room

Some of you may remember this gorgeous girls room we featured on the blog a couple of years ago – it’s from Lavender Grove, a locations house, in London. We also posted the photo to Pinterest, and have to say we get an awful lot of questions about it. It is rather lovely isn’t it?

Lavender Grove Girls Room


















People often ask us how they could recreate the bed and canopy. The canopy is actually called a Corona, and used to be terribly popular. Now, hold on to your trousers, you may not believe this, but swags and tails, and matchy-matchy rooms, are coming back into fashion. It was only a matter of time, everything comes round again (keep having horrible flash backs as I drive past the local 6th form, all the students seem to be dressed like our class of ’95 ***shudders*** we blame Nirvana¬†for that terrible fashion faux pas…).

We digress. The point being that this sort of thing is coming back in. And in the case of this girls room you really can see why – it is awfully pretty. A room fit for a princess. The sort of room you dream of having when you’re little.

So how do you recreate it? Well to start with you need the Corona. And for that you need to go to Scumble Goosie. Where? Scumble Goosie. It’s a Cotswolds based furniture business, who produce some really lovely things out of hardwood. They do have a very weird name, which isn’t their only point of difference. They also produce some individual, well made pieces – tables, chairs, dressing tables, lamps – most of which can be bespoke – and Coronas. Not the type you drink, although that would be lovely on the terrace in this heat, but the kind that you put above a bed to hold a canopy.

Scrumble Goosie French Corona











So once you’ve been to Scumble Goosie for your Corona, you next need to source a voile fabric. Pret a Vivre do a lovely range of voiles (although maybe only to trade, so if you have difficultly, give us a shout and we’ll source it for you!) and then you find a very good curtain maker who will create the flowing canopy (unless of course you’re a dab hand at sewing, in which case you can do it yourself).

Now the fairy lights need to be the sort which do not get hot – LEDs. And perhaps here we should put in a warning about remembering to turn the lights off so we haven’t got a fire hazard on our hands.

And to the bed – try Scumble Goosie’s French Sleigh bed, it would be a perfect fit.

Sleigh bed by Scumble Goosie

And if all this sounds a little too much, we’d be happy to help you recreate it in your own home.

Happy Wednesday!


NB Fairy light photo sourced from Pinterest.


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